Why Armenia needs a forward-thinking generation with modern IT skills and entrepreneurial spirit.


Armenia needs to develop its technical and professional capacity to offer  innovative and sustainable solutions to current global challenges. This, in turn will make Armenia more attractive and competitive in generating growth and new job places. A developed technological, innovative and entrepreneurial eco-system is a condition for having a competitive place on the global technological and innovation Map. WHIZ Code Academy was established to foster the development of the education-innovation-technology-career value chain and support Armenian Teenagers to Be WHIZ (Wise, Healthy, Imaginative, Zestful).

WHIZ Code Academy provides an extracurricular program for students aged 5-18. The center teaches programming basics, coding languages, robotics, web design, game development, graphic design, animation, digital painting, foreign languages, arts and more.


WHIZ Code Academy is an educational intermediary between teenagers and global technological and innovation-based ecosystem, providing them knowledge, skills, coaching, mentoring and with an access to global tech competitions, camps and contests. Practice of different teaching styles helps to make the learning process more motivating and attractive.

WHIZ Code Academy is ready to leverage all necessary modern knowledge development resources to tailor a custom strategy to support teenagers with their career development increasing their interest in technology, innovation, science and entrepreneurship.

WHIZ Code Academy provides students with an opportunity to master essential skills and knowledge they may need in the modern digital world. Accessing a step-by-step guidance we are right here to assist you achieving the next step of your career and towards launching your business.

VISION: Rise Competitiveness of Armenia’s Teenagers in Digital and Knowledge based Economy.

MISSION: Develop and leverage modern knowledge development resources to support Armenia’s teenagers with career growth and entering digital era.

VALUES: Teamwork, Honesty, Inspiration, Novelty, Kkindness (THINK)


GOAL: Our goal is to build self-confidence and enthusiasm; teach teenagers logical (algorithmic) thinking and the essentials of technology design; and strengthen their skills and knowledge – making them competitive in the modern digital world.


  • Support high potential Armenian Teenagers to Be Whiz and promote technology based education in Armenia;
  • Support young talents to get an opportunity to realize their potential and find their unique place in the highly competitive and technology oriented environment.
  • Promote development of a technical and professional capacity to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to current global challenges; 
  • Promote entrepreneurial thinking and implementation of a productive education policy;
  • Support the development of the education-innovation-technology-career value chain;
  • Promote technology skills, obtaining basic programming and coding skills, thus creating future leaders who will make world a better place to live.


The present and the near future of our world is digital. Computers and various gadgets are the integral part of the modern society. We all are living in technological eco-system. We start our days with alarm clock on our smartphones; read the news on our mobile devices; walk with smart watches measuring our steps; drive cars using navigation systems; read or listen audiobooks; buy products online; listen music and watch movies on internet TV channels; book hotels for holidays; reserve airplane tickets online; organize webinars and B2B meetings on distance meeting platforms; communicate with friends via messengers and social networks and acquire inspiration when there is a limited possibility to meet them.

In this competitive business environment, the computing literacy and code writing is already becoming an important skill and equivalent to reading and writing. Coding helps teenagers to understand how all this technology is built. Learning programming teaches teenager powerful logical thinking skills, helps them develop confidence in themselves, and empowers them to express their creativity in solving problems.

These essential thinking and problem solving skills will be very valuable for success in their future lifetime. Teenager will find these skills useful in any future career path including engineering, business, sports, medicine and science. At Whiz Code Academy we support young talents to get an opportunity to realize their potential and find their unique place in the highly competitive and technology oriented environment.


Coding with teenagers is an important skill, and the basics of coding should be taught to teenager of young age to help them understand how the technology works and operates. 

Coding is the future, and we believe it is essential to give teenagers a modest advantage in the highly competitive global marketplace. Learning to write a code and develop a program starts with gaining a knowledge how to think logically. Logical thought (that is, an algorithm) is later expressed in a language that the computer device can understand.


The main benefits and advantages, that typically pay off long after the students advance the Whiz Code Academy, of modules and teachings are as follows:

– Design and creation of own projects: computer games, websites, apps, animations, etc.;

– Learning about the innovative computing solutions;

– Enlargement of creative abilities: supporting teenagers to become technical leaders in the future;

– Development of logical and algorithmic thinking and progression in skills required to solve non-standard problems;

– Customization based on the individual skills, making the learning process an engaging experience;

– Develop their talents, gain knowledge and skills that will help them find (create) jobs, survive and compete in the global marketplace;

– Development of teamwork skills and abilities.

Junior and young intellectuals who learn to code early in their life, gain a deeper and more complete understanding of the logic and advanced thinking. Learning and practicing this type of thinking early in their development stage, actually influences their brain, that is still emerging. Early learners get a great chance to experience unlimited achievements in this digital eco-system.


At Whiz Code Academy we believe that dedicated and valued staff is a true asset in creating a successful business! Our Team is comprised of trainers, mentors, business analysts and experts in the areas of education, technology, software engineering, innovation, management and entrepreneurship, combining strong educational credentials, intellectual curiosity, proven leadership capacity and commitment to values. Strengthening the interface between education, innovation, technologies and entrepreneurship, our trainers, mentors and managers list includes educators, instructors, mentors, entrepreneurs and professionals from various institutions and companies.

Whiz Code Academy – a school of Programming and Robotics was founded by Ms. Marine Kostikyan. Her experience ranges from teaching music to innovative technologies. Earlier in her career she was never engaged in innovative technologies, engineering and wasn’t thinking about entrepreneurial activities and building a business. Being a mother to of a 10 year old boy and working with kids of different ages, and as a piano teacher in her first education, she realized that the new generation needs a completely different formula of education.

Many events take place in your lives that can, in a very short moment, change the fate and fortune of a person. Visiting the Silicon Valley, she met many companies, that were developing technology-based and entrepreneurial education models for kids and teenagers, thus prioritizing IT skills and engineering way of thinking and creative mind-set. This is an amazing synergy of kids and modern IT technologies that are able to change our lives for the better. Being very impressed, she started thinking how to use this methodologies in our country, so the idea of ​​establishing a school was born. 

Now Whiz Code Academy is 3 years old with an amazing and inspired team. It is extremely important for us how our kids change, after six months, after a year of training with us, how they become more confident, enthusiastic and how their mind-set and thinking changes completely.


Whiz Code Academy is an environment where junors and young talents are growing and implementing their innovative ideas. Here students go through: learning; knowledge sharing, thematic events, mentorship and skill development programs, getting access to international competitions, camps and contests, also getting a good chance to get a professional coaching and mentoring.

Main teaching and learning pillars and units are:

    • Programming & Coding Academy (Steve JOBS)
    • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Academy (KIRK Kirkorian)
    • Robotics & VR Lab (Nikola TESLA)
    • Science & Engineering Lab (Leonardo DA VINCI)
    • Design & Animation Studio (Walt DISNEY)
    • Arts & Crafts Studio (Toros ROSLIN)
    • Languages & Communication Center (Maria MONTESSORI)
    • Entertainment & Sports Center (Charlie CHAPLIN)


Since 2010, actively working on educational projects and tranings on computer literacy, programming skills development and robotics in Armenia, Whiz Code Academy’s Team/Founders, later in 2017 Whiz Code Academy LLC has active involvement in educational and training curricula development, knowledge sharing, organization of thematic events, mentorship and skill development programs, supporting teenagers on getting access to modern technological skills, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, learning and mentoring, etc.

Whiz Code Academy combines a teaching curricula with an individualized immersion style to get your teenagers learning to code very easy!  We don’t believe in one-fits-all curriculums.  Instead we focus on a mentor relationship with experienced coders, who can guide our students through their amazing technical journey in the digital era. Be Whiz!


Become a resident of the WHIZ Code Academy !!!

Whiz’s residency brings teenagers the best of our learning materials, knowledge, experience, access to networks, connections, practices, etc. Each resident receives tailored support, training, mentorship and a workspace at our open classroom. Educational programs empower students with the technics and tools to increase their knowledge and get more chances for success.

Our Whiz community (both local and global) is an energetic network of go-getters who are trainers, advisors, entrepreneurs, executives, innovators, investors, mentors, students, and etc.

Unique ecosystem of resources, innovative atmosphere, with technological  base and entrepreneurship spirit, just in time support and multipurpose spaces are making Whiz Code Academy a very innovative and competitive environment to grow, learn and Be Whiz. At Whiz Code Academy like-minded trainers and enthusiasts come together to support teenagers, interchange ideas, innovation and knowledge. 

If you want to learn coding, become an innovator, entrepreneur and a startup owner willing to engage with our finest team and creative environment and see how it works – Whiz Code Academy in Yerevan would be your first station. To become a resident soon, please complete the form and we’ll contact you shortly.